How to prevent or remove PC virus infestations

Section I: Why are we here, or, how did we get into this mess? Microsoft Windows is the operating system of more than ninety percent of the personal computers connected to the Internet. It’s also the least secure operating system available, because it was designed before the advent of the public Internet, and after Internet […]

How to upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7: A Twelve-Step Program

Those of you still using the antique OSes coming out of Redmond, WA are probably looking forward to Windows 7. OK, in all seriousness, I use Windows too; it’s great for playing World of Warcraft. If your PC is still on Windows XP, though, Microsoft doesn’t think you need to upgrade directly from XP to […]

“This message will self-destruct in 10 seconds…”

In the TV series Mission Impossible, the team leader, one Mr. Phelps, received his instructions on a cassette tape that destroyed itself after one listening (mighty inconvenient if a jet happened to roar overhead just as the tape was telling Phelps who his team was supposed to take down, but I guess the meetings were […]