Yahoo Instant Messenger: The Virus du Jour?

The latest social-networking virus going around is being spread through Yahoo Instant Messenger. One of your contacts sends you an IM (“instant message”) asking “is this your pic” with a link which contains the string – but if you actually read the link, it’s pointing to someplace in the .ly domain. That’s Libya – not exactly a friend to Western nations.

Are Bloom Boxes our ‘Green Energy’ Solution?

Bloom Energy unveiled the “Bloom Box” last week, also called the Bloom Energy Server. The box is around the size of a parking space, and each one can power a 30,000 sq. foot office building, or 100 average US homes. Ebay and Google have already been using this technology to power some of their buildings… Continue reading Are Bloom Boxes our ‘Green Energy’ Solution?

The Future Isn’t Here… Yet. Robot Maids and Moon Bases

Robot Servants Sure, you might consider a Roomba a robot maid, but while it may clean your floor, it’s no butler. If a massive amount of science fiction literature was to be believed, we should all have had android Alfreds by now. Japan is getting closer to this particular prediction, because for whatever reason they… Continue reading The Future Isn’t Here… Yet. Robot Maids and Moon Bases

Twitter Down: DDoS Attack

Is Twitter Down? The answer is YES. as of 10:30 AM EST on Thursday August 6, 2009 According to twitter’s status page they are in the midst of fighting off a Denial Of Service Attack. What is a DDoS Attack you may ask. Well according to Wikipedia: A denial-of-service attack (DoS attack) or… Continue reading Twitter Down: DDoS Attack

They’re using lasers, Captain!

Bowhunting seems like an unlikely sport in which to find gadgets that were science fiction just a short time ago, but believe it or not, some bowhunters in Oregon have come up with an innovation that looks like something out of Universal Soldier. The Neverguess Rangefinder is an arm-worm laser rangefinder for bowhunters. This is… Continue reading They’re using lasers, Captain!