Interview: JABstone founder Joe Bureau

Due to a recent stroke in the family, I recently was motivated to look for a method of helping non-verbal people communicate without making everyone around them learn sign language, or play charades. There are a number of apps available for smartphones and tablets, notably the iPad and the Android platform. After comparing features (and… Continue reading Interview: JABstone founder Joe Bureau

Would You Get Augmented?

Like a lot of you I’ve been playing through Deus Ex: Human Revolution lately, and I couldn’t help thinking about whether or not I’d opt to get augmented. There are quite a few different ways characters are augmented in the game, many much more subtle than the half-machine protagonist. The thought of consciously choosing to… Continue reading Would You Get Augmented?

The Future Isn’t Here… Yet. Robot Maids and Moon Bases

Robot Servants Sure, you might consider a Roomba a robot maid, but while it may clean your floor, it’s no butler. If a massive amount of science fiction literature was to be believed, we should all have had android Alfreds by now. Japan is getting closer to this particular prediction, because for whatever reason they… Continue reading The Future Isn’t Here… Yet. Robot Maids and Moon Bases

Classical Geek: Authors you should know

Geeks today have a lot on their minds.  So much new technology arrives every day, new and exciting television and movies, books and fan fictions abound. There’s so much going on that it’s easy for newer geeks to jump right in to the new stuff without paying homage to all those that came before. With… Continue reading Classical Geek: Authors you should know

Moon Landing Video Found?

Fox News and several British press sources are reporting that Thursday’s NASA press event commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing may include an announcement that the original video has been found!  The footage we normally see is what was broadcast live on TV, involving a TV camera pointed at a NASA monitor. Here’s… Continue reading Moon Landing Video Found?

Down… goes… Netflix?

It appears that the Netflix website went down over the weekend, but the company states that DVD shipping isn’t affected. I’ve just checked it myself, and I was able to log in, so hopefully it was just a temporary blip in the road, and they’ve gotten things smoothed out. Now back to your regularly scheduled… Continue reading Down… goes… Netflix?