Classical Geek: Authors you should know

Geeks today have a lot on their minds.  So much new technology arrives every day, new and exciting television and movies, books and fan fictions abound. There’s so much going on that it’s easy for newer geeks to jump right in to the new stuff without paying homage to all those that came before. With […]

Retro Review: Kindred: The Embraced (1996)

What do you get when you mix 37% soap opera, 50% grade-A-cheesy acting, 71.3% supernatural characters and a healthy dosing of awesomeness?    Well, aside from some interesting statistical values, you have the recipe for Kindred: The Embraced (imdb). Allow me to take a few moments of your time and I’ll give you a bit of […]


Thanks to and Boxee I was able to catch the premiere episode of Joss Weadon’s latest series Dollhouse. My first thought about the show was that is was a ripoff of the Top Cow 90’s comic book Aphrodite IX that has a similiar premise of a young woman who is a special agent/assassin who […]

Real SciFi Gadgets

There isn’t a single Back to the Future buff who hasn’t dreamed of riding around town on a hoverboard. Every Star Trekfan has lusted after Captain Kirk’s communicator—in fact, the original23rd-century models inspired the design for the first flip phones.While scientists haven’t quite figured out teleportation or how tobuild a truly effective Terminator, there is […]