New Gadgets from D-Link

D-Link has a couple of new gadgets out now that are great for those who have (or who plan to have) a Home Theater PC.

First up, announced in May 2011, is the DAP-1513 dual-band wireless-N bridge, or “wi-fi bridge” to those of us who want to say what it is before lunch is over. A wireless bridge is the opposite end of the wireless connection from your wireless router (aka “access point” or “WAP”) and allows you to connect a network device (or in this case, up to four devices) to your wireless network even though the device doesn’t have compatible built-in wireless capability. For example, you could use the DAP-1513 to connect your HTPC, a game console, and two other devices using either the “standard” 2.4GHz band or the higher-bandwidth 5GHz band.

According to the press release,

“The Wireless N Dual Band MediaBridge allows consumers to quickly and easily expand their home wireless networks to connect PCs, game consoles, media players, and more without running any messy cables,” says Daniel Kelley, associate vice president of consumer marketing, D-Link North America. “And, dual-band connectivity makes it ideal for streaming HD video content, whether you’re watching your favorite shows or battling with friends in an online game.”

The DAP-1513 offers four Fast Ethernet 10/100 ports for fast wired connectivity, supports WPA™ and WPA2® security standards and features Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) for push-button security and top-of-the-line encryption from possible Internet threats. And with 24-hour support for basic installation available seven days a week, it’s never been easier to expand a home network.

The DAP 1513 has a suggested retail price of $119.99 (U.S.) and $99.99 (Canada) and is discounted by many online retailers such as Amazon.

Next we have the Boxee Remote (DSM-22), announced today and already available at a 20 percent discount from Amazon. This is the same remote shipped with the Boxee Box (also made by D-link), with buttons on one side designed specifically to integrate with the Boxee home media center/home theater software, and a full QWERTY keyboard on the flip side. Anyone who’s ever tried to use an HTPC without a full keyboard will tell you it’s no picnic.



D-Link says, “the Boxee Remote Control enables easy access to the search and social capabilities of the Boxee software on PC or Mac. Allowing users to enjoy and share their favorite video-on-demand service through their social networks, the Boxee Remote Control lets anyone quickly and easily input URLs and account information for their favorite websites. In addition, unlike infrared TV remotes, the Boxee Remote Control uses RF signals via an included nano-sized USB adapter so consumers never have to worry about pointing the remote at the computer.”

MSRP on the Boxee Remote is $49.99 – see above for discount information.

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