Quick Review: Google Docs Unleashed (video)

I subscribe to the daily email newsletter from How-To-Geek and often find it informative or amusing, and sometimes it saves me some money. Today it saved me some money. It offered a link to AppSumo.com for a free video tutorial, entitled Google Docs Unleashed.

This video is apparently geared towards the Marketing type, or an App developer. Frankly, I’d have been pretty angry if I had paid $99 to find that out. I did not find the video useful or interesting, and the faces seen in it are a little off-putting as well. Production values are good for Web video, but the clearly-amateur actors would be better left as disembodied voice-overs.

Overall, I would be quite interested in the tutorial if I fell into the narrow audience it seems to be aimed at. Since I am not (I’m the get-your-hands-dirty, PC-technician-buried-to-the-elbows-inside-a-tower-case type), it left me feeling… Well, meh.

I’ll be going back to AppSumo a bunch though. We Gnomes love deals!


By icesnake

Icesnake, known to Law Enforcement the world over as Rich Tietjens, retired from the US Army in 1992 and has spent the intervening years attempting to die with the most gadgets, and thus, win. To this end, he has written software both as a freelance programmer and a paid consultant, tested network products and built driver disks for Intel, operated a Web hosting service for ten years, built more personal computers than any sane man would ever want, collected seven cats, and finally settled down in Oregon as the Information Technology Training Coordinator (fancy talk for "help desk and PC tech") for a small manufacturing firm. Rich started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1976 and has never given up the RPG habit, progressing through Diablo, Everquest, Asheron's Call, Diablo 2, and World of Warcraft. Most evenings you can find him on Trollbane-US playing his mage, Icesnake - who is an Engineer and is trying to collect all the cool gadgets in Greater Azeroth... And so it goes.

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