The Future Isn’t Here… Yet. Ray Guns

Ray Guns

Weapon of choice of Aliens, Moon Men, and future humans. The problem with ray guns is that while they’re a great idea, no one ever really sat down and figured out how they would work. Because of that, (and probably other things), we’re still firing bullets at each other.

In addition, our ideas of future weapons have changed, perhaps to accommodate our realization that ray guns aren’t as simple as we had thought. Sure, Star Trek and Star Wars still utilize ray gun type weaponry, but the more recent additions to our ideas of the future still use bullets. Halo, Mass Effect, Avatar- humans travel around space in all of them, but despite that, still use bullets.

This video illustrates the sad excuse we have for a ray gun today; more a “hot tickle” gun than a red or green laser blast.

What do you think, are ray guns still the future of weapons? Personally I think that railguns, coilguns, and energy weapons are the new ray guns. Sure, there may be some point in the future when the typical soldier is issued an Lasgun or phaser, but I think those days are a very long way off.

By Contrapaul

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  1. The old reliable bullet projector will remain with us for a long, long time to come, because it’s simple (important if you want something that works reliably), cheap (important if you want to be able to buy a latte or some oxygen after the fight), and effective; lasers can be defeated with a gas cloud, some shiny foil, or ablative coating, but there’s nothing cheap and light-weight that reflects bullets.

    Which is why the BFG2000 will still be the weapon of choice for Terran Space Marines in the 24th Century.

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