“Fix” your Windows 7 laptop battery problem

By this time, I am sure everyone has heard about the problems with Windows 7 “destroying” laptop batteries. I’m not going to go into the truth-or-fiction aspect, and I’m not interested in assigning blame; I just want to explain what you can do to fix it if you have this problem.

First, take a look at the Spanish language version of the fix. I suggest you open it in a new tab.

Now, here’s the English translation, courtesy of Google:

Spanish to English translation

Problems with laptop battery Windows 7: workaround
Many users of Windows 7 are taking warnings related to problems with their laptop battery when in fact there is no problem.
Microsoft is currently investigating this issue with hardware manufacturers. Apparently the problem is related to the BIOS and look for an immediate update of firmware.

Consider replacing your battery “Consider replacing your battery” is the annoying error message that appears frequently in Windows 7.

As Microsoft releases the final solution for this error, then a temporary solution is to disable the error:

– Open the Control Panel Device Manager or write in the search box on the Start menu
– Select the Device Manager
– Expand and select Battery with Battery control method for ACPI Microsoft
– Right click and select Disable

And there you have it!

By icesnake

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  1. If you actually read the post, that’s exactly what it tells you. Disabling Windows 7’s ACPI controls makes it stop complaining about your (perfectly good) battery.

  2. We will do this as a temporary solution but please, declare a commitment checkpoint when will the permanent solution done. This temporary solution is very risky and annoying, i wonder how and when to know that my battery is running out.

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