Netflix Watch Instantly Review: 30-Second Bunnies Theater

Got a minute? Watch a couple of movies!

So it’s Monday, Labor Day, around nine PM, and I don’t feel like going to bed yet. So I asked the wife, “Want to watch a movie?” She says, “Do we have time?” “Sure!” I reply, “We can watch a dozen or so!”

So, during the next hour, we watched Freddy vs. Jason, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scream, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Pulp Fiction, Highlander, The Big Chill, Night of the Living Dead, Titanic, The Shining, It’s A Wonderful Life, The Exorcist, Alien, Jaws, War of the Worlds, Star Wars, King King, and Rocky.

“How is that possible in just one hour?” I hear you wondering. Well, we watched the 30-second Bunnies Theater condensed versions of all of those movies (which actually are closer to a minute long each). They are all rated “AC” for “Adult Content,” and I would not recommend them for young children, but honestly, of the actual movies I have seen versus the 30-second Bunnies version, I would have to say the the bunnies did it better; not “just as well,” but better!

To quote from the Netflix synopsis: “If you don’t have two hours to watch your favorite movie, get the 30-second, laugh-out-loud version here, acted out by adorable animated bunnies. Jennifer Shiman created this award-winning series and she, along with Douglas McInnes, provide the voices.”

So, to make this review as condensed as the 30-second Bunnies Theater, I’ll cut it short here, and just tell you that there are 3 seasons available on Netflix Watch Instantly, and I look forward to watching all of Season 3 tonight! Don’t wait: Get your bunnies on!

By icesnake

Icesnake, known to Law Enforcement the world over as Rich Tietjens, retired from the US Army in 1992 and has spent the intervening years attempting to die with the most gadgets, and thus, win. To this end, he has written software both as a freelance programmer and a paid consultant, tested network products and built driver disks for Intel, operated a Web hosting service for ten years, built more personal computers than any sane man would ever want, collected seven cats, and finally settled down in Oregon as the Information Technology Training Coordinator (fancy talk for "help desk and PC tech") for a small manufacturing firm. Rich started playing Dungeons and Dragons in 1976 and has never given up the RPG habit, progressing through Diablo, Everquest, Asheron's Call, Diablo 2, and World of Warcraft. Most evenings you can find him on Trollbane-US playing his mage, Icesnake - who is an Engineer and is trying to collect all the cool gadgets in Greater Azeroth... And so it goes.

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