Can speakers and headphones peacefully co-exist?

Why, yes, yes they can!  I’m sure many of you have a nice set of speakers hooked up to your computer, to get rumbly explosions and hear the crisp sound of a sword being drawn.  But, what if those in your house (be it wife, child, or visitors from Mars) don’t want to share in your gaming or movie?

Sure, you could go and swap cabling around, by a USB headset, or perhaps install a front-mounted port.  While those are all well and dandy, I found a solution that is affordable, and allows me to use any of my various (regular, non-usb) headphones.  Our friends over at ThinkGeek sell a Speaker/Headset Switching Hub.

Setup is a simple as inserting it between your sound card and speaker input, then you have push-button simplicity for switching between your speakers and headphones.  Once it’s in place, you’ve got a nice volume control to use, and you can independently determine if your mic will be in the equation.  Or, if for some reason you really love your cell wired headset, that can be plugged in as well.

In the end, this device’s functionality may not be evident by it’s low, low price, but trust me – it’s well worth the purchase.

By Patrick

Patrick started down the SciFi & Fantasy road with the original Star Trek series reruns and "The Hobbit", and has enjoyed the travels to date. An engineer by training, he's a SQL jockey in day-to-day life, and married to a great woman. He also hopes to (one day) be able to slide down a pole to his subterranean garage. To the Patcave!

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