Daniora’s Top 5 SciFi Series

They say you can tell a lot about a woman by the contents of her purse.  Far less likely to get you in trouble, but just as enlightening, is checking out her DVD collection.  Here’s a peek at mine with my…

::drum roll::

Top 5 Science Fiction Series

5. Twilight Zone – I have many fond memories from my younger days of sitting with my dad watching the Twilight Zone Marathon on t.v. on New Years Day.  A lot of the episodes were really scary, so I was always overjoyed when one came on that I had seen.  That way I already knew what was going to happen (Watch out for the thing on the wing of the plane!!).

4. seaQuest DSV – To be honest, I don’t remember a lot of the specifics of this show.  In fact, I probably couldn’t describe even one episode.  But it had a talking dolphin named Darwin, and in 1993 when Season 1 aired, that was about enough for me.  Everybody did space SciFi, but this was underwater. Revolutionary!!

3. Amazing Screw-On Head – I know, I know, this series never made it.  Only the pilot was ever made. It was supposed to be a series on the SciFi channel, and they released the pilot on the SciFi website with a survey to determine if they would pick up the series.  I voted so many times. Sadly, it was never picked up, which I think is a real loss.  Based on the comic by Mike Mignola, it had everything.  There was a very steam punk vibe to it, a zombie emperor, and Abraham Lincoln.  Even though the series never took off, they did release the pilot episode on DVD. If you haven’t already checked this out, I highly recommend it.

2. Futurama – Part of what is so great about Futurama is that it not only presents us with one version of the future, it also gives us incite into the reactions someone from our time would have to all the changes.  It also has a good balance between the stereotypical visions of futuristic lifestyles (food in pellet form, flying cars) with more ridiculous ones (the head museum, sewer mutants). I’m also partial to the more general geekery that they throw in.  Of the new movies-that-are-later-broken-into-episodes that have come out lately, Bender’s Game was my favorite.  It managed to be completely SciFi and futuristic as well as fantasy/RPG centered. The best of both worlds!

1. Star Trek: The Next Generation – I’m sure there are some hardcore Trekkies that would chide me for this choice, but for me, this is the SciFi series.  Season 1 aired in 1987; I was 6.  Star Trek nights were family appointments.  We’d all pile into the living room to watch.  We had these big Bose speakers hooked up to the t.v. that were used almost exclusively for Trek nights.  It really brought out the base engine noise that was ever present on the ship.  I watched Reading Rainbow religiously, so I was very excited to see LeVar Burton, and by the time they introduced Wesley Crusher, I was of an age to think he was “dreamy”. I’m fairly certain that this series single-handedly got me into SciFi in the first place. It had action and drama, it was never too scary for me. I loved the Sherlock Holmes episodes and anything with Q. I’m fairly certain this is the only show where I saw every episode on the night that it first aired.

There you have it.  My top 5 SciFi series of all time. I told you it would be enlightening.

By Daniora

Daniora is a classically trained geek, well versed in literature, television, video games, dice rolling, steam punking, and button mashing. An artist by trade, she is also the proprietor of WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot.org and has a penchant for naming pets after Shakespearean characters.


  1. Lost is REALLY not scifi, I hate when people say that junk is. Th real question is where are stuff like dr horrible or firefly!

  2. I’ve never personally been a fan of Lost, and, awful as it may be, I haven’t watched Firefly (I love Serenity, though). As for Dr. Horrible, even though it was released in three episodes, I always think of it more as a movie or mini-series than a true series. It is awesome, though.

  3. ST: TNG was in my opinion better than ST:TOS – which is no surprise, the effects were better, the Captain was not only a better actor but the character had class, and the painted-on costumes on Marina Sirtis were daring even for prime-time in the 21st Century. I still like Star Trek: Enterprise better.

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