Movie Review: Tinkerbell

For my first movie review I am going to pick what may seem like an unlikely choice: Disney’s 2008 direct-to-video “Tinkerbell”. How does this fit in to “Sci Fi or Gadgets”? Read on.

To be honest, I’ve never been a huge pre-Pixar Disney fan. Having two small children, the youngest of whom is a 4 year old girl, I end up seeing quite a few anyway. I am, however, a huge fan of just about anything Pixar puts out. Their films have a singular attention to blending excellent animation with top-notch storylines. Only later did I realize that this movie was made with John Lasseter as Executive Producer, after Pixar was brought in to Disney.

So it was with only passing interest that I watched this movie with my daughter; and by watch I mean play WoW in the living room while she watched. After the first few minutes I actually found myself drawn in to the movie.

The movie starts as Tinkerbell is “born”. Basically she emerges as a full fairy from a floating seed during a gathering of all the other fairies. Immediately she takes place in a ritual to find out what her talent (i.e. profession) is. After finding out she is not one of various nature talents she finds out her profession is… Mechanical Engineer.

Basically the writers took the character’s name literally and made her a tinker. The rest of the movie is about Tinkerbell coming to terms with her talent. At first she rebels and tries to do other “nature” things. Eventually she embraces her inner geek.

So do I think you should go out and get this for yourself? No, not necessarily. However, if you have a young daughter, granddaughter, niece, etc. this is a movie you can watch with her and not want to gouge your eyes out. Plus it has an underlying message that being a girl engineer is cool.

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By Tudor Lewis

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