On land, sea and in the sky… something you can drive?

While I was at work yesterday, as I am want to do when my brain is getting fried from too many lines of code, I took a break and checked up on good ol’ digg and stumbled across this article.   When I first clicked the link, I just had to stop and stare at this:

The Great Race 2025
The Great Race 2025

Okay, you can stop drooling now (unless you don’t really care about this type of thing).  You are looking at an imagining of a vehicle that can travel the entire globe in 24 HOURS while traveling over land, sea, and air.

So, what does this car mean to you and me?  Honestly, not too much really.  If you think about it, it’s really just a concept of a concept car.  Considering that most concept cars don’t even make it to production; it’s highly likely that we won’t see this any time soon.  The first sentence of the article implies that the vehicle is called “The Great Race 2025”, but I’m not so sure if that means this is the title of the vehicle or if it is the name of the picture which shows what appears to be a “great race” going on.  In any event, if you can read anything into the title, it seems that this concept of a concept is their take on what they consider to be at least 16 years into the future of vehicle production.

What really excites me about this is the idea of what it represents.  Seriously, when I first looked at that picture the first thing that popped in my head was pod racing from ::shudder:: Episode One (one of the few things I find enjoyable about the movie.)  What in the world is Honda doing designing pod racers?!?  Anyway, as I was saying, it’s the idea of that vehicle that I love so much.  To me it represents a type of thinking that I haven’t seen in new car design.

I know that the idea of a flying car isn’t exactly new.  Engineers have been trying for years to make the idea work and you can find more information about flying cars in general in this interesting write up.  While I think the idea of a world of flying cars is definitely still in the realm of science fiction and will probably remain so until after my time is up, I also believe that it should be pursued.

There are obviously a lot of issues to overcome to make this idea a mainstream reality, with the main one being safety.  Honestly, would you want to get in a wreck going 75 mph while flying several hundred feet up in the air on some airway super highway?  This car, I think is a step in the right direction.  It is obviously intended for professional drivers who are more willing to take risks and there isn’t as much of a liability issue. Obviously when flying cars do become a consumer reality, liability will always be a problem so much testing needs to be done to cover as many problems as possible.  I think these are the types of environments where we will see many of the inherent pitfalls of consumer air travel ironed out and I look forward to seeing this happen.

There are a number of other very interesting concept cars in the article, most of them more grounded in current reality, so take a look at them and let us know what you think.  Can flying cars become a reality?  Do any of the other cars shown strike up powerful fancies of imagination?  In the meantime, I’ll continue daydreaming about owning a Honda Podracer.

By jasonfreeman

Jason is a proud level 20 (pretend) mage who, when in reality, is the loving father of 2 children and husband. Most free time is spent gaming (in many different forms), reading, watching movies/seasons, or listening to music or learning new (pretend) spells.


  1. Think about all the idiot drivers you see on the road every day. Now think how great it would be to have them flying overhead in a ton or two of metal, plastic, and highly flammable fuel.

    Flying cars? Sure. As long as there’s an IQ test and a common sense test required before you get your flying driver’s license.

  2. Obviously a more rigorous testing process would have to be instituted. This is one of the issues that I talked about needing to be overcome before this could ever become a reality.

    Another problem that is related to this is that even if there were a hard test to pass, we would still have the idiots out there that know the rules but refuse to follow them.

    Can all this be solved? Who knows, but it would be great if it could.

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