It’s not just for winter, anymore!

Now we come to a book I finished a good bit ago. It was one I had always heard rave reviews about, but had never personally read. So, at long last, a copy of Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson was delivered to me via eBay.

This is a thouroughly entertaining, and very well-written, scifi tome. Per some of the online reviews you can read, this book is what introduced the word “cyberpunk” into the lexicon. Released in 1992, this book follows the adventures of a protagonist (conveniently?) named Hiro. The main setting for the book is the Metaverse, what we, today, would simply call virtual reality running over the internet. Reading the book now, 16 years after publication, you can really get a sense of how prescient Stephenson was.

So much of the technology and computing seems completely in line with what we have today. Some of it you may have to look past, but there is very little of it that seems out of tune with our day and age. Thankfully, we’ve not arrived at the rather harsh future Stephenson paints. And we can also be thankful that we aren’t hooked into our computers (ala The Matrix) to the extent we can physically “crash” due to a computer virus (though it is an interesting theme that we may encounter som day yet).

In the end, I’d recommend this to any person who is intersting in scifi without hesitation.

By Patrick

Patrick started down the SciFi & Fantasy road with the original Star Trek series reruns and "The Hobbit", and has enjoyed the travels to date. An engineer by training, he's a SQL jockey in day-to-day life, and married to a great woman. He also hopes to (one day) be able to slide down a pole to his subterranean garage. To the Patcave!

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