Moon Landing Video Found?

Fox News and several British press sources are reporting that Thursday’s NASA press event commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Lunar Landing may include an announcement that the original video has been found!  The footage we normally see is what was broadcast live on TV, involving a TV camera pointed at a NASA monitor.

Here’s hoping that the new footage will be available online soon.  I can think of no greater use for our new 40″ LCD than to watch high-quality footage with my 8-year-old son.

By Tudor Lewis

A a child, Tudor read as much science fiction and nonfiction as he could get his hands on and named his toys after famous physicists. In 1987 he was youth-astronomy magazine Odyssey's Space Cadet of the Year. After receiving a degree in Journalism, Tudor went on to work in the graphic arts industry as an image retoucher. He currently works for an internet retailer in Omaha playing with Photoshop and developing a Filemaker database. Yes, Tudor is his real name. It's not some silly World of Warcraft character name... that is Teutorigos on Azuremyst-US, Warlords guild. You can follow him o Twitter at

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  1. Call me skeptical or negative but can there be something else to announce rather than, “we found a lost tape.” I think our space program needs more content than that. Just my synical thoughts. 🙂

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