Quick Review: Google Docs Unleashed (video)

I subscribe to the daily email newsletter from How-To-Geek and often find it informative or amusing, and sometimes it saves me some money. Today it saved me some money. It offered a link to AppSumo.com for a free video tutorial, entitled Google Docs Unleashed.

This video is apparently geared towards the Marketing type, or an App developer. Frankly, I’d have been pretty angry if I had paid $99 to find that out. I did not find the video useful or interesting, and the faces seen in it are a little off-putting as well. Production values are good for Web video, but the clearly-amateur actors would be better left as disembodied voice-overs.

Overall, I would be quite interested in the tutorial if I fell into the narrow audience it seems to be aimed at. Since I am not (I’m the get-your-hands-dirty, PC-technician-buried-to-the-elbows-inside-a-tower-case type), it left me feeling… Well, meh.

I’ll be going back to AppSumo a bunch though. We Gnomes love deals!


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