Finally, the ultimate app for Windows Phones!

How did we ever get along without this? I refer, of course, to Screaming Bee LLC’s Pocket Fart! Yes, friends, for less than two measly US dollars, you can finally impress your friends and family with an amazing variety of farting sounds. PocketFartTM uses advanced flatulence simulator technology to produce custom audio events, anything from a short and sweet toot to an epic monster blast.

Screaming Bee claims that PocketFart is the best farting software for your Windows Mobile device. Actually, it may be the only farting software for your Windows Mobile device. We can only hope…

Anyhow, if you’ve always wanted to be able to create the sounds without the olfactory evidence, and if you have a Windows Mobile device, this software is for you – and the rest of your 9-year-old buddies (sober; 30-year-old drunks will probably like it, too). Enjoy!

Header image stolen gleefully from Scott Johnson and used without permission. I don’t know where he got it. I don’t really care, either.

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