Enhanced Lunar Landing Footage

Starting today, NASA is releasing new enhanced footage of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Though NASA says some new footage is involved but most of it is due to enhancement of exisiting footage.

I just happened to tune into NASA TV online while they discussing the original cameras used, the enhancement techniques involved, and their search for the “missing tapes”. The NASA reps made a very interesting point. The tapes they are looking for were not official tapes; they were made in Australia by someone who was doing something experimental with the video feed from the moon. It was outside the official NASA channels.

[flv:http://scifiandgadgets.com/wp-content/uploads/apollo_11.flv 600 337]

2 Comments on “Enhanced Lunar Landing Footage

  1. I saw the “enhanced” “restored” “remastered” or whatever you wanna call it version. It looked just as ghosty & crappy as the original. I am greatly unimpressed. Nothing to see here. Going back to bed now.

  2. hmmm…I’m impressed. I’m looking for that 1987 issue and came across this. Anyone have a 1987 copies of Odyssey?

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